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Make Between $2000-$4000/week

Posted :30+ days old

Location : MELBOURNE-VIC-3000 (VIC - Melbourne)

Price : $49.95

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Do you Really want to make $2000 to $4000 Per Week ?
If the answer is YES continue reading.
Who are we?

We are two investment bankers who studied Mathematics and Statistics as students. During our studies we presented an assignment/thesis based on simple probability and other quantitative models. After presenting this assignment, more importantly, we found we could apply this content in a way to make consistent money every day. After about two months refining the system, we could make on average between $600-$2000/day. Since gaining a Patent for our unique system, we have decided to create an exclusive site where this content can now be purchased and used by others to make money.
How is this possible?

The whole premise of the system is to make a couple hundred dollars every time you apply the system. The beauty of the system is that you can continually apply the system so that after a few hours you should make $600+. Because you are making a couple hundred dollars each time, and not a few thousand in one hit, the system will always provide outstanding results and earnings will not be affected by the amount of people using the system.

The system has been tested and proven in a number of countries including the US, UK, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. The best thing about this system is that anyone can do it and there is no law or regulation to stop you making consistent amounts of money.

This system can be used as a part-time income or full-time income as the amount of money you can make is truly uncapped. It all depends on the amount of hours you spend applying the system. It just takes discipline and commitment.

We are extremely excited to offer you the opportunity to purchase our unique system which has a money back guarantee. This system will not make millions overnight, however, if you would like to achieve financial freedom, quit your job or simply make extra money, then this system is for you!
How much money can I make?

The whole premise of the system is to make a couple hundred dollars every time you apply the system. And obviously the key is to continuously apply the system. So after a few hours using the system you should make $600+. The system allows very high capital stakes and is why you can definitely make more than $2000/day if you have the commitment and discipline. As you become more experienced using the system, making $2000+/day (using the system between 2-5 hours) should not be uncommon. These high returns are the reason we still apply the system every day.
What does the system inolve?

We apply our patented system to the game of Keno. Keno is a simple game to play, and is very similar to Bingo or a lottery (20 numbers are drawn each game). All you have to do is decide what numbers to bet on, how many games you wish to play for, and how much to bet on each game. Then you just take your ticket to the Keno counter, sit back and wait for the game to start. The best thing about Keno is that the games start on a schedule, so there is always time to prepare your tickets for the next game, and you can collect your winnings at any time. Keno also has very large payout odds. In fact every time we apply the system, we aim to return at least 12 times our initial capital. This is why our system can consistently make money and is so lucrative.

We have tested our probability/quantitative methods on various other games but only Keno can consistently provide such great results. We have perfected the system based on months of back testing, application and calculating all possible probabilities. The system document will tell you how to play, when to play, which numbers to choose and how much to outlay. The content and instructions of our system cover everything and is why absolutely anyone can use this system!
Why are you selling the system if it makes you so much money?

Yes this system does make us a lot of money. We have decided to sell this system because no matter how many people use the system it will not affect the amount of money that can be made by each user/player. Also, we cannot use this system 24 hours/day so have decided to sell the system to create an extra revenue stream for our business. As we are selling this system on the internet we have a global audience and can generate an extra revenue stream that is worth the cost and time setting up.
How much are you selling the system for?

Please press the Buy Now button to display the price in your required currency. For example, our Australian customers will purchase the document in AUD and will pay $297. If the system is strictly followed, this amount should be recouped within the first day of using the system.
How much capital is required?

You can test the system using as little as $10. To make really good money (600+/day) you will need at least $300. However, we have a number of customers who are happy to use no more than $100-$200 of capital.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, we have used this system for over 14 months and have made huge amounts of money. We are so confident in the system that we are providing a 100% money back guarantee if you prove to us that the system did not work for you.
Does the system involve betting on roulette, blackjack or any other casino card game?

No, certainly not.
Is there any selling or marketing involved?

Can I use this system any time of the day?

Does the system involve anything to do with an arbing/arbitrage system?

No, arbing is a waste of time and does not work in the long-term.
How much time is required to apply the system?

To make good money ($600+) each time you will have to commit at least a couple hours. You will need discipline and commitment and if the system is strictly followed you will have a very lucrative cash flow.
Can I use this system from home?

Yes, the system is predominately used at live venues however there are various online mediums where you can apply the system.
Can anyone use the system?

Yes, anyone can use the system. The system contents and instructions do convey the principles and probabilities behind the system, but bottom line if you can count to 20 you will have no problems using the system. It is very simple and straight-forward to learn. The content is illustrated in a five page document that will take approximately 30 minutes to read. There is no reason why you cannot use the system immediately after reading this document.
Is it legal?

Yes, this system is 100% legal and within the rules of the game of Keno.
How will I receive the system?

After purchase, we will immediately deliver the 5 page document via email. This document contains content and instructions as well as the principles of the system. There are no shipping, insurance or other fees to be paid.

From our own experience, in 2011 we have averaged about $1500/day. Our best day has been approximately $5500 (although this was using the system all day). The general feedback from our customers is that when starting out they are earning anywhere between $2000-$4000/week.
For those that are committed, disciplined and want to earn huge amounts of money, week after week, then we guarantee this system will work for you. The system is illustrated over 5 pages (step by step instructions) and there is no reason why you cannot use this system immediately after reading the five pages.


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